pátek 24. září 2010

Those who can't do, teach. Are you kidding me?

I know that we are all following the AngelGate these days, but this subject is something that was stuck in my mind for a quite long period of time. And it is not because next Monday I start part time lecturing at Prague College again nor the discussions I had last few days with several people.

We are told (and it seems to be a thing all world around), that "if you're good enough to actually do, you wouldn't have time to be teaching." [Joomla4Web]

I like the argumentation on the Joomla4Web very much. However that is not exactly my case. To be honest, I started guest lecturing back in spring 2009, because my very good friend Veronika asked me to come and talk to her Computing students. I must say, I liked it.

It was only logical I started to lecture two HND computing units a week since January 2010. It is definitely not a full time job for me, but yes, I am getting paid, thanks for asking. I am also adding one HND business unit this semester (e-Business Strategy/e-Business implementation).

So to return back to the question in the title - there are several things that always follow in the discussions:

  • If you are a teacher, you just follow some books and you have never done this by yourself. Although I agree with Shari, that this is not the most important thing as "It is up to the student to digest the information he receives and find an application for it in his life, not for the teacher teach him each individual step" [BlogCritics], if you are wondering if I have enough practical experience teach computing or business, have a look at my CV.
  • If you are a teacher, you are not successful at you "normal" job so you have to teach to pay your bills". This one seems really very funny to me. Working more than 10 years for Sprinx, going to several conferences etc. I do not consider myself failing at my daily job.
    Also check my currently running projects.
  • Teaching is paid so bad, it is "last resort" position for people. Again, that might be true for government schools. I lectured at CTU, FNSPE while studying and yes, I was not making a fortune there. But this is not my case anymore. If you are still not believing me, setup a consultant meeting with me through my calendar and mention this blog post as a source. I promise, I will charge you only the same sum per hour :-)
  • When you are teaching, you are loosing your professional experience. True. That is why I am running my projects and keeping my professional career. Just now I am learning how to develop for Android so I do not stay at the same place.

And yes, I am still enjoying that :-) And that is the most important thing for me.

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