neděle 6. listopadu 2011

Producteev & Evernote Sync: Proof of concept

In case you missed it, I created the

Producteev & Evernote Synchronization

application to synchronize Producteev tasks with Evernote notes. It is still work in progress, but I would love to hear any comments. I plan to move pretty fast with this so stay tuned!

neděle 23. října 2011

Create Producteev tasks directly from Word or LibreOffice

I do often need to write down some notes e.g. from a meeting. And in fact there are not only information, but generally a lot of tasks as well! Would not be nice if you would be able to send them to Producteev?

Currently I am writing such notes in Evernote because I want to access them on all my devices, but at the end of the day I am sending them usually as a body of an email or PDF/Microsoft Word attachment.

Would not it be cool to create tasks directly from Evernote, LibreOffice or Word?

UPDATE: Read here.

pátek 30. září 2011

Would Posterous and Google+ integration be helpful?

Currently I am using several blogging platforms:

  • Blogger for my English posts about software development, personal development, GTD and Covey
  • Posterous for my Czech posts related maily to time management and how to live in balance
  • Google Plus for ... not quite sure yet, probably composition of both developments mentioned earlier
  • Facebook for sending links to other blogs and for companies propagation
Those are also linked to my different Twitter accounts (davidpodhola,,

What I am missing the most right now is the way how to autopost from Posterous to Google Plus. I know Google Plus API is still in Beta, but come on, you can develop something on beta API as well.

I will try to have a look at those APIs and think about the possibilities. There is a difference in writing posts between Posterous and Google Plus: in Posterous you have title and content, but you have only "what is new" in Google Plus.

Will let you know :-)

neděle 25. září 2011

Covey - First Things First - Roles

I have been listening to Stephen Covey's First Things First recently. I like the part about different roles and their synergies the most. I wrote an excerpt on my NašeÚkoly.CZ blog (in Czech).

neděle 1. května 2011

Moving my personal and Czech stuff to Posterous

I will no longer post my personal or Czech stuff here. All those new posts will be my Posterous.

However I will update you with everything related to tasks, Google Outlook Android Tasks synchronizer etc.